I like making things, making things happen and making things better.  

Hello, I’m Karolina.

I’m originally from Poland, I grew up in beautiful Sopot (near Gdansk), but Ireland became my precious new home over 12 years ago.


My career to date reflects this passion for all things arty and digital and combines disciplines such as digital humanities, art history and museum / heritage sector, as well online communication and outreach. I currently work as a Communication Adviser for CLARIN ERIC, a Heritage Account Manager for NOHO and Production Assistant and Researcher for Slick


I have completed a Structured PhD Programme in Digital Arts and Humanities in the Department of History of Art and Architecture, Trinity College Dublin, but my art history adventure started many years before. I simply fell in love with art, especially Netherlandish art, while started discovering the beauty and culture of GdanskI where I did my BA in Art History at the University of Gdansk, I continued this adventure and completed my MA in History of Art and Architecture at University of Limerick.


My passion for all things born-digital I own to my Mum. She was open-minded enough back in the day to let me play all the Nintendo games and mess with very, very basic computer graphics programmes on Amiga late at nights… Thank you Mum!

When I’m not working…

I enjoy walks and hikes, especially by the sea. Beach is my happy place! I also doodle a lot as Anulka. To see what I’m up to, simply have a look at my Instagram!

Get in touch!

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