Digital History of Art and Architecture projects

The term ‘Digital Art History projects’ used here is an umbrella for the online thematic research collections and other digital and online undertakings in history of art and architecture. This topic shapes a part of my PhD research as a necessary overview of best practice, and a set of guidelines in the process of designing and building my own online research environment. I’m analysing different components of such projects, such as content, digital tools and methods, technical information, documentation and applications in research practices.

It is difficult to identify what exact projects to look at, due to the lack of one global directory and many separate catalogues and lists being scattered over the Web. Terminology is also problematic with the projects being called simply projects, online or digital archives, collections, databases, editions and so on. It seems that it is easier to describe what not to include in ‘the pot’. For example, the vast digital collections from cultural institutions (i.e. museums, libraries, archives, galleries), which digitise the material in order to allow online access to their collections. I’m interested more in the projects that are based around thematic collections or research topics, that originate (or involve a collaboration with) art history departments and art historians themselves, and ones that aim to offer something ‘more’ than only online access to digital images.

I created a spreadsheet using Google Drive so anyone can add information and edit it in real time: (Digital) Art History and Architecture projects (working draft).

I would be interested to see what else is there and your thoughts on the topic.

1 Price, Kenneth M. ‘Edition, Project, Database, Archive, Thematic Research Collection: What’s in a Name?‘, Digital Humanities Quarterly, 3 (2009).