Thesis submitted…

... 4 years, 70000 words, 500 pages and endless amounts of coffee later. I'm very happy this day has come, but that's only one of the steps (!). Now it's time to recover. I imagined this time to be relaxing and simply filled with not-much-to-do kinda mode, but that did ...
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Call for Participants: Survey on “Online resources for the History of Art and Architecture – best practice.”

RESEARCHER: Karolina Badzmierowska (PhD candidate) , Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin. PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: Drawing on tools and methodologies from the fields of art history and digital humanities, my research explores the potential of online resources for the history of art and architecture and aims to establish ...
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Google Images search by image - visually similar images

Google ‘visually similar images’ search for beginners

As a visual counterpart to Google search engine, Google Images was introduced in 2001 to accommodate the growing need to find image content on the Internet. In the beginning, the search was only text-based and required a descriptive approach (search by keywords, filename, title, etc.), but a development of Google ...
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Instagram and appreciation of (un)noticed built heritage

"By putting myself at people's feet, I can bring beauty up to their level which causes them to look down." Ralph G. Brancaccio Instagram is all about 'pretty' pictures. Yes, to a certain degree. All depends who you follow and what you photograph as an Instagrammer. For me Instagram does ...
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Digital History of Art and Architecture projects

The term 'Digital Art History projects' used here is an umbrella for the online thematic research collections and other digital and online undertakings in history of art and architecture. 1 This topic shapes a part of my PhD research as a necessary overview of best practice, and a set of ...
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2015-06-11 22.49.35-1

1001 tombs you should see before you… graduate.

As this is my first blog post - I decided to bring back some "art historical" memories. I remember one of those cold and snowy days back in Poland, sitting in a dark room in the Department of History of Art of Gdansk University at 7am and looking at slides ...
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